2010-04-26: Dj Matt
tolga the turk u yet again shows to us that all turks are very stupid animals.We don't need 2 buy every1(obama) to show your scum nation anything.You classic fuckin turkish bustard n u die like fuckin turkish bustard!No time 4 loosers!
2010-04-25: TOLGA THE TURK !
Hey you Dick-Jokey Matt and the other loosers who swear to Turks, you can not buy everyone ! THANKS OBAMA !
No one talks to you, you low-level stinking wanker idiot insect !!
2010-04-25: Dj Matt
tolga the turk you fuckin not adecvate!Go away n forget this saint site.I don't need n don't want 2 talk with stupid animals like u!So fuck off!
2010-04-25: TOLGA THE TURK !
By the way, I have read your thesis on this site and I am once more convinced that you have been used as a tool of some countries to hit us from back. This is the classic strategy of those countries; Find a nation, manipulate them, convince them with empty promises, support them by weapons and use them as a tool, let them kill and you stay clean ! No matter if these two nations, who used to be live in peace before, slaughter eachother, and then, come as the peacemaker hero afterwards !!! See the Middle East, Iraq, Palestanians and Israel, Afghanistan, Rwanda and many more ! The same scenario had been shot in 1915, too. Not all the Armenians, but some of you, the gangs, had been paid and motivated well with the promises they have got from those countries, to attack our innocents as they were easy to kill, ! Imagine a father at war and when he returns back to his village, he sees that all his life, his old mother, father, wife and little daughter has been killed and raped ! He will absolutely get a personal revenge ! Gladiator movie is oscar-winning example for this feeling ! WAKE UP,YOU DEVELOPING NATIONS, THE SAME GAME FOR ALL ! HISTORY REPEATS ! GET YOUR HEAD OUT FROM MANIPULATED BOOKS OF HATRED AND MAKE A NEW START ! READ LESS AND LIVE MORE AS WHAT YOU READ IS FAKE, LIKE THEIR PROMISES AND IT IS CONSUMING US ALL !
2010-04-25: TOLGA THE TURK !
Well, I see you are pissed off and loosing temper...I give a last chance to you, cool down, open your eyes, you new generation and think; why we let your nation live for centuries happily in our Empire, but then attacked you and send you away ? You must have done something inferior, like slaughtering innocent babies, woman and old man, and we fought back, ha ? And how could your ancestors live under our command for centuries, if they were not happy and not treated good and fair ? ACCEPT THIS TRUTH; WE HAD BUILT THE MOST JUST, FREE AND SOPHISTICATED EMPIRE OF THE LAST 6 CENTURIES, WITH FULL FREEDOM AND PEACE OF RELIGIONS AND CULTURE OF OTHER NATIONS. TODAY, ANATOLIA IS STILL THE ONLY PLACE WHICH HAS CHURCHES, SINAGOGS AND MOSQUES NEARBY AND CHRISTIANS, JEWS AND MUSLIMS PRAY IN THEM IN PEACE AND TOLERANCE. OTTOMAN WAS THE GREAT SOIL, LIKE USA NOW, WHERE MANY SCIENTISTS, HISTORIANS AND ARTISTS RUN FROM THEIR COUNTRIES TO CREATE FREELY... THIS IS THE TRUTH YOU ARE TRYING TO IGNORE, MY CHILD...
2010-04-25: Edgar
What do I see? Turk tells us to read? Well, we have read and heard enough, it will be better if you read something outside your school textbooks, ok? It's not necessary Armenian source, you can read anything that is not turkish and if you have a little bit brain, you will catch the meaning of Genocide and the Genocide that you have commited not only in 1915, but it was organized in State level from the late 19th century till 1923 and not only against Armenians, but also against greeks, assyrians and kurds.
2010-04-25: Kara
Liovin hamadzayn em qo het Armenian girl.Uxxaki de ari u ed angraget serndin inch vor ban sovoracru.Es ankapin tvuma,vor inq@ chishta...Iranq patmutyun chunen,uzum en mez patmutyun sovoracnen.
2010-04-25: ARMENIA
2010-04-25: Armenian girl
From what you write shows that you're just on the whole turk.VOCHRAGORCNERI ANGRAGET SERUND>
2010-04-25: ARMENIA
ARMENIA 4EVER!!!!! turqishstan WILL DIE!!!!!!!
2010-04-25: Elise
Je suis pas Arménienne,mais mon grand-père m\\\'a raconté que son père qui était un docteur,avait été en Turquie en 1915.Il soignait les malades et surtout les enfants arméniens.Il a adopté un enfant dont la famille,le village les turqies avaient entiérement detruit.Je suis sûre que c\\\'était un GENOCIDE et on doit punir ça!Personne ne doit oublier ce jour,le jour des victimes du GENOCIDE ARMÉNIEN!...
2010-04-25: Kara
Hayer xndrum em patasxaneq es animastutyan@!Cavoq angleren chgitem,vor asem ayn,inch kutakvel e mejs.Inchpes karox e mi QOCHVOR AZGI nerkayacucich nman ban asel!!!Nranq nuynisk irenc sepakan mshakuyt@ chunen,chunen baroyakan iravunq @ndhanrapes nman ban aselu!Barbaros azg en ev,pastoren,[email protected] CEXASPANUTYUN@,nuyn barbarosn u vayrenin en sharunakum mnal!!!!!!!Chnayac,ete mi azgi heros@ ataturkn e,el ed azgic inch kareli e spasel...
2010-04-25: TOLGA THE TURK !
Hrant, we, as Turks, were the protectors of all the Anatolian history, science, culture for centuries. Anatolia was like US today for all the scientists, historians, authors and all the science man. We protecti not burn. We protected many nations running from genocides all through our history. What did your nation do for all those centuries for humanity ? I know you need a brick & mortar to keep your nation awake and together, so the great hate to us caused by your DEFEAT is the denominator of your people and that keeps you as a nation. Face it, you spilt the FIRST BLOOD, your ancestors hit from back, we hit back face to face, we were strong and beat you and send you to your Armenia. That was a fight, not a so-called bullshit genocide. If you look for genocide, you can see many examples on other nations's histories, but not ours. Be mature enough to accept your defeat and make peace with yourself and your history. We can even consider forgiving you what you have done. Sometimes attack is not the best defense, so stop burning flags and cursing like children. Cheers, man.
2010-04-25: Hrant
@TOLGA THE TURK: We are reading books, archives, researching all available information... But also we have heard about it from our grandparents. Unfortunately, the Genocide is part of almost every Armenian family story. My grandmother was the only child of her family that survived the Genocide and could get to Eastern Armenia. So, even if you burn all the books and archives and change all the information on the Internet, we will never forget the Genocide.
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