2011-03-17: oguz tolga
Dear Madam/sirs, > In last 5 years some of Armenian falsifications have been proved by the > scientists and historians... > > Like; > > 1.Hitler's speach was a lie.Nurenberg trials took it under record. > > 2.Vereshagin's 1840s painting of skulls was used as armenian skulls. > > 3.Aarmenian population in 1914 and 1922 according to the USA records was > 2.200.000 and 3.300.000 after war > > 4.Mr.Morgenthau's diary was completelt written by his armenian Secretary > > 5.Bue Book has been written for propoganda only by the British government > and the Brits have apologized for the book in 1930s. > > 6.40 days in Moses Mountain aswell > > 7.All have been written by Toynbee were manufactured for propoganda > against the Ottomans including Blue book and 40days in Moses Mountain and > others.. > > 8.The crying Armenian boy and the Turkish soldier fake photo > > 9.Mustafa Kemal and Liarmenian boy under his leg was a fake photo > > 10.Mr.Kacaznuni's book of confessions about Genocide . > > 11.Yerevan Museum has no even a single original document in . > > 12.Closed armenian arcieves are still closed in Boston and yerevan. > > 13.Joint commission for the armenian genocide is a strong fear of > Mr.sarkissian > > 14.There are no mass graves found in Der Zor Syria since 1915.. > > 15.There are no mass graves in Anatolia no eyewithnesses no documents > nothing. > > 16.Talat Pasha's telegram has been written 15 years after his dead by an > armenian Aram Andonian. > > Dear sir, > I would like to know if you have new decisions or ideas about this issue. > > I hope to hear from you soon,sir. > Very respectfully yours.. > > Oguz Tolga > Istanbul
2011-03-13: Vlad
Shat lav ashxatanq em shat hetaqrqir ev bovandakalic sayt e. Kusenai imanal ays sayti hexinaky ov e?
2011-03-12: Тигранян Арпине
Турция должна признать совершенное ею приступление, и нести засуженное наказание за свои деяния. Позор турции!!!
2011-03-04: Harut
hetaqrqir paster kain vor chgitei minch ditel@:bayc kareli er es bolor tvyalner@ aveli haskanalu u @nderneli nerkayacnel
2011-02-27: NARA
2011-02-23: Arsen Antonyan
Menq hayeres sprvats enq ashxarov mek ev april 24 boloris partakanutyunne piti lini gal ev 2 tsaxik dnel hargelov nrants hishatake
2011-02-23: Arsen
kecce hayutyunne
2011-02-18: Martirosyan
Es hpart em vor hay em,ev huysov em vor kga mi or, ev exernagorc@ knduni ayn amen@, inc katarel e ir yataxanov.Shnorakalutyun nyuteri hamar.
2011-01-21: D. Abuladze
Армянский народ, армянский народ Жизнь отдам за тебя, мой народ армянский, За землю твою собой пожертвую. Армяне мои, каким молоком вскормлены вы, Что за чрево дала вам жизнь, какая рука вас обнимала? Какие уста вас благославляли, что оказалась в вас подобная душа, подобное сердце, что явили вы всему миру такое неслыханное чудо. Слепыми должны быть глаза, чтобы не видеть, не знать ваших достоинств. Немыми должны быть уста, чтобы промолчать, не сказать вам это, не почитать вас. Из камня должно быть сердце чтобы не любить, чтобы души в вас не чаять
2010-12-20: THE TURK !!
I am writing to voice my strong objection to the Armenian Resolution, H.Res. 252, and urge you to vote NO. The Resolution is a waste of Congress' time, offends Turks and Turkish-Americans and will hurt US-Turkey relations. There is no consensus among scholars on the events around 1915 in the Ottoman Empire. Leading historians and experts are not accepting the "genocide" label to describe the events. Furthermore, Congress is not the place to legislate history. Congress is also not the place to issue a legal opinion on the high-crime of genocide. Under the 1948 UN Genocide Convention, this judicial power is reserved for the International Court of Justice and the competent domestic courts of party States. US Administrations over many years have resolutely opposed this Resolution. H.Res.252 will hurt American national interests, security and US-Turkish relations. Turkey is a key ally of the United States and an indispensable partner to our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, helping U.S. troops to combat terrorism and build security. The Resolution also undermines ongoing U.S. diplomatic efforts that explicitly support bilateral efforts between Turkey and Armenia to forge diplomatic, political and economic relations and reach reconciliation through dialogue. There is no doubt that the Resolution will alienate Turkey and offend people of Turkish heritage, as it delibarately ignores the tragic memories of millions of Turks whose ancestors perished during this dreadful period in Turkish history. The "Armenian Genocide Resolution" serves no contemporary purpose, dispenses selective morality based on special interest lobbying power, belies American interests, and the principles of fairness and justice. I urge you to vote "No" on H.Res. 252.
2010-12-13: Frank Appiah-Kubi
Human life is so precious and therefore, I'm against genocide.
2010-12-09: LILIT
Xorin shnorhakalutyunners dzez. Anchap tpavorvac em. @ntir e!!!!!!!!!!
2010-10-01: Anjela
Hianali canc e,amen inch ka hay cexaspanutyan masin,amenatarm lurerov harust,kxndrei cancy aveli hajax tarmacnein qani vor ayn uni shat ayceluner,urax em vor usucichs texekacrec indz ayspisi sayti masin,lucumnern el en shat hetaqrqir u hayeci tvac,apreq,shat sirun e
2010-09-23: zhanna
BArev dzez, kareli e dzer kayqum cexaspanutyan masin film texadrel, kanxav shnorhakalutyun
2010-08-29: Ernest Gold
Thanks for all the information. I am sending many of my ignorant friends ho don't know about the genocide or don't have an opinion to this site. A few posts down I read about this new book Gardens of Grief. Anyone know anything else about it? The author is not Armenian. I googled him. Universal bought one of his recent books for $2.5 million. Maybe this could be a movie.