2010-04-24: Dj Matt
They will not force us,They will stop degrading us,They will not control us,We will be victorious!! So f*ck off turkish loosers!
2010-04-24: Dj Matt
I hope that one beautiful day the turkish bustards will be punished for that!
2010-04-24: stopwar
hi all,genocide is completely lie,what genocide idiots,we were in a war ,our grandpas killed each other,its simple like this,i dont care what people have done 100 years ago,u cant blame me ,u cant hate me because of this,they are talking about ganocide lie because they are poor,may be they are living one of the worst countries in this world,u cant get anything with this idiots,cant you learn,u are talkin about this bullshit for years ,what do you have ,nothing finally inci siker
2010-04-24: EDO
menq micht asel enq u kasenq vor cexaspanutyun exel e
2010-04-24: Karen
Es koch em anum ashxarhi voxj hanrutyany chanachel Osmanyan kaysrutyan koxmic iragorcac vayragutyuny, vory kochvum e CEXASPANUTYUN...
2010-04-24: Aram
[email protected] heru che..... Chnayac vor Ayd [email protected] chi veracni ayn [email protected] vor zgum e amen mi hay aprili 24
2010-04-24: MIKAYEL
Kga ayn [email protected] erb amboghj [email protected] kvoghjuni trkerin hamardzak qayli hamar irenc patmutyan mut ancyalic chvakhenalu ev [email protected] sepakan erkrum dapartelu pasti aritov
2010-04-24: Anna
Amenqn el stanum en irenc hasaneliq [email protected] orenqn e edpisin...havatum em erknayin [email protected] havatum em, vor turq [email protected] der hatucelu e amen mi tapvac aryan katili hamar.....
2010-04-24: Anush
Voch voq chi moracvum,vochinch chi moracvel...u chi moracvelu...
2010-04-24: Oren (Israel)
The pepole of Israel Support your justice jorney for recognition of Armenian Genocide. we are with you!
2010-04-24: Karlos
Petq e patjvi ayn [email protected],[email protected] iren tuyl e tvel cexaspanutyun katarel,mer depqum turq [email protected] petq e patasxan ta ir gorcac chariqneri hamar...
2010-04-24: jenik cook
The time has come for recognation of the Armenian geonicide. Looking for Justice. Jenik
2010-04-24: ASATUR
2010-04-24: Pablo
I'm not Armenian and have not any Armenian blood, but I love Armenia. Brave, humble, intelligent and polite people, I share all your views on this sad and horrible matter. You have enriched my country, Argentina -which holds an important Armenian community- with your traders and scientists and businessmen. We have passed laws that defend you from offenders. Come Armenians looking for support and friendship we will embrace them all. Pablo, Argentina.
2010-04-24: Погосян
Простите,что пишу это...Но у вас нет русского языка на сайте.Есть Армяне которые не знают Армянского, не живут в Армении но остаются Армянами