Genocide Recognition News

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The Council of the Province of Milan (Italy) by overwhelming majority has adopted a resolution formally recognizing the Armenian Genocide.
The French lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, approved a bill on Thursday making it a crime to deny that the Ottoman Turks committed Genocide against Armenians during World War One. A total of 106 deputies voted in favor of the bill while 19 voted against. The amendment of former minister Patrick Devedjian, authorizing the debate of the historians on the history of the Genocide, was rejected by the deputies. The bill has still to be ratified by the upper house, the Senate, and the President Jacques Chirac before it becomes law.
Nebahat Albayrak, in second position on the list of the main opposition Labour Party (PvdA) candidates, has recognized the Armenian genocide. says: September 6 the Parliament of the Argentinean State of Cordoba passed a bill, according to which April 24 will be marked as the Day of Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Victims. says: The European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) voted late last evening on the Eurlings report on "Turkey's progress towards accession". It reiterates its call on Turkey to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide as a precondition for its accession. says: Following intensive lobbying from the above organization, over half the eligible Welsh Representatives of the UK Parliament have signed a motion recognizing the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide of 1915. says: House of Representatives of Buenos Aires unanimously adopted a bill, which declares April 24 Day of Commemoration of the First Genocide of the 20th century.
2006-04-19 says: American PBS TV showed Andrew Goldberg's "Armenian Genocide" film, which tells about massacres of Armenians in 1890s. says: Pope Benedict XVI met with Patriarch of Armenian Catholic Church Nerses Petros XIX. In the words of the Pontiff, the Armenian people, suffered horrible prosecution for the sake of the Christian fate, which were included in the history as Great Slaughter.
Noyan-Tapan says: The German authorities have prohibited a series of rallies the Turkish organizations planned to hold in mid-March in Berlin.